Japan Earthquake


As already everyone knows, huge earthquake and Tsunami hit in north east Japan.
There was a huge blast at Fukushima Nuclear power plant about 3/4 hours ago, they announced it wasn't caused from melt down of the plant. The plant itself is still safe. The radiation level is decreasing from the accident.
This is still beginning of the disaster, there will be more problems and more people needs help.
I was at Great Hanshin earthquake in 1995, many people from outside and inside helped us a lot.
Please follow the correct news and keep calm and please help each other.

およそ3、4時間ほど前に福島原発第1発 電所で大きな爆発がありましたが、先ほどその爆発はメルトダウンによるものではないとの発表がありました。そしてこの爆発による格納容器は破損されておらず、周辺の放 射線の数値も事故前よりも、事故後下がり始めているということです。周囲の壁面のたてやのみが飛んだという報告でした。

Live News from NHK (Japanese)

BBC News (English)

FSN, Peeper, Jak&Jil

HB Nam, Phil Oh, Tommy Ton at Lower Thames Street, London


Back from Paris

just got back from Paris. I'll post some images from there later, but tell you something fantastic that happened to me.

On the first day of Paris, I lost my light meter in a taxi, I was devastated. Then few days later, I was outside Palais de Tokyo, taking some photo's of people coming to COSTUME NATIONAL show. Just before I was about to finish and move on to the next show, a taxi driver came up to me and asked "you, taxi?". I thought he was asking whether I need a taxi so I said "oui!" I really needed a taxi, but then he says "my client found a little camera, I'll show you..." he went to his car and handed me my light meter! He said he always work for same client at PFW driving around the client from show to show all week, after he dropped us off at a venue, his client found my light meter and he has been looking for a guy with a green fedora for 3 days, and finally he found me!

I was so glad and so happy not depressed any more!!
Thank you Paris!! Merci beaucoup, monsieur!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Paris fashion week still continues.....

Rainy day, England

at Somerset House, London